Important things before we build the wooden house


Here, we learn on wooden house, the base for build wooden house...

What is the important things before we build the wood house?

First, we need a land that stable enough to hold the weight of the wood house, why is it has to be such important? For the wood house we need the heavy and strong wood which is weatherproof, at this point we choose teaks for the best of choices out there. The teak wood is mostly heavy and strong, it grow around 30 years to be perfect weight and great wood density. The more weight of the wood the better of density level of it, yes the teak woods are so heavy!!! So, the foundations should be strong enough to hold all of the building part or the whole wood house.

Second thing important is the declivity or slope of the land we choose for the house, if we put our house right in deadly slope or let say above 20 degrees, if we do this then it could be risky so the foundation of the house will needing more deep, but remember don't ever build your house in such dangerous area that near the washout or landslide area, the contour of the land we must take good look carefully see if there's any straight deep line that will cause landslide take a look your area for the dislocation line by naked eyes, if you see the sign then you should NOT build in that area.
The next thing you need to know is how you are going to build the wood house? By knock down or on the site project build. If your location is too far way up to the hill, the knock down wood house is a good choice, but if your area near the highway and easy to bring logistic, tools and machinery for woods you can select the on site build.
The last thing before you decide to build wooden house is you need to consult your expertise in wood and wooden house craft-man, because you are planning to build the house that would last long, if you choose the teak woods, it is a right choose, let say 40 years and still immovably...

Once you have obtained a building plot with the necessary permissions, an architect is essential for designing a dwelling to your specific requirements, to manufacture the wood house company uses these plans to develop drawings, after settling agreement you are ready to build the wood house whether by knock down shipment or in site project.

Like we discuss before, the most important first is to prepare concrete base or the foundation. With traditional construction methods all stages of the build process are heavily dependent on each other, e.g. foundations need to be complete before the walls can be started. Foundation preparation for the wood house will require experts to eliminate potential problems with measurements and  allowing you and your wooden house company to plan more efficiently for the wood-frame erection.

For the house we strongly advice the teak wood, because teak wood is weatherproof and it will go straight for years and it is a hard wood type and the most important the wood itself is just too hard so the termite will never ruin your days, it is a great investment. Teak wood is remarkably durable, but you can always choose yourself of your own taste of wood, as long as it's hard and save from the termite, because our experience on this, in the real life not all the hard wood strong enough from the termite. The luxury wood house cost high so you must spend the investment on the right hands, or else the house will not even last for one year, it is a serious work to get it right, to choosing the best wood for houses.

Good Luck!!

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